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Građevinski obrt Špelić Construction Craft Baugewerbe izgradnja građevina

Our story

Our construction trade is recognized as a high-quality, serious and successful business entity, with a special emphasis on the area of Karlovac County and the city of Slunj. Currently, we have 45 employees in our team, whose average age is 35 years. Most of our employees have KV and SSS qualifications, and among them we have four employees with VSS. We proudly implement projects all over Croatia.

Our story began in 1997 when I invested my own capital and hired five employees, and we started working and procuring basic assets for construction projects. Since 1998, we have actively participated in the National Program for the Reconstruction of War-Destroyed Family Houses, first in Karlovac County, and then in other parts of Croatia. During that program, we renovated a total of 489 buildings, mostly family houses, with the estimated value of the works in the tens of millions of kunas. Thanks to continuous business improvement and excellently executed projects, we became more and more well-known and secured new jobs, especially in Karlovac and Lika-Senj counties.

In 2003, we made considerable efforts to expand the spectrum of our services and increase competitiveness on the market. Through the retraining of existing employees and the employment of new employees, we expanded our activities to the restoration of cultural and historical heritage throughout Croatia and obtained a license from the Ministry of Culture to work on the restoration of monuments, which we continue to do successfully today.

Encouraged by the success, we additionally hired 11 new employees, including three highly educated people from the engineering staff, and invested HRK 2 million in the fleet, machines and equipment needed to expand our activity to the construction of apartments for the market and real estate transactions.

Since 2004, we have been continuously investing in the purchase of construction land and the independent construction of residential and commercial real estate for the market in the area of the city of Slunj, the city of Karlovac and the County of Istria.

Over the years, we have received many awards for successful work and continued employment, including:

  • award of the Chamber of Crafts of the city of Karlovac in 1998,
  • awards for special contribution to the development of the city of Slunj in 2001, 2009 and 2011,
  • the recognition of the Institute for Business Research as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in terms of newly created value in 2006, and
  • prize of the Business.hr newspaper for one of the fast-growing companies (Gazela) in 2009.

Today, we cooperate with a large number of recognized Croatian architects, with a special emphasis on high-quality and productive cooperation with the famous architect Mr. Turato Idis, with whom we realized more than 20 construction projects. Most of the construction of such demanding facilities is currently carried out on the island areas of the Republic of Croatia, which requires additional investments in specialized equipment and continuous education of our employees.

We are proud members of the Croatian Wood Cluster, a professional business association whose goal is to improve business in the wood processing industry. Accordingly, we cooperate with various professional associations, carry out advertising campaigns and participate in international fairs to further develop our industry.

Business volume

So far, we have successfully built more than 600 construction objects throughout the entire Republic of Croatia. Our engagement so far mostly includes the role of contractor, while in a smaller number of cases the company was both an investor and a contractor. Currently, the company is actively working on the construction of a dozen new buildings.

The aforementioned construction projects include various types of buildings, including houses, buildings, religious and cultural facilities, kindergartens, schools, health centers, fire stations, and business centers.

Građevinski obrt Špelić Construction Craft Baugewerbe izgradnja građevina

We understand your requirements

Our experienced team of consultants and experts is dedicated to providing you with personalized solutions that reflect your unique vision, taking into account all technical, aesthetic and financial aspects. Regardless of the complexity of your project, we are here to support you every step of the way and ensure that your construction vision becomes a reality.

Građevinski obrt Špelić Construction Craft Baugewerbe izgradnja građevina

We work with precision

Every stage of construction, from planning to completion, is carried out with the utmost precision to ensure that every detail meets your requirements and expectations. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and our own expertise, we ensure that every element of your project is executed with maximum precision, ensuring a high-quality result that will delight you.

Građevinski obrt Špelić Construction Craft Baugewerbe izgradnja građevina

We provide the best results

We place great importance on detail, innovation and adaptability to create building solutions that are functional, aesthetically appealing and sustainable. We treat every project, regardless of its size or complexity, with the same enthusiasm and professionalism. Our dedication to quality and achieving the best results enables us to achieve client satisfaction and create lasting buildings that make a difference in the community.

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